Recommended Workstation Configuration

Recommended Workstation Configuration


  1. Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 Pro


  1. 4Gb (recommended)
  2. 6Gb (optimal)

  1. Dual Core Intel Pentium 2.2GHz (recommended)
  2. Quad Core Intel 3.0 GHz (optimal)


 Hard disk

  1. 10Gb available hard disk space



  1. Microsoft .Net Framework is build-in for Windows 10, and 11 should be installed additionally along with your POS. NOTE: The requirements for Microsoft .Net Framework can be found at 
  2. GPU should be updated to the newest version from the official website (NOTE: Since there are multiple graphics cards on the market with a variety of video drivers new versions of which are periodically released, we cannot suggest a specific driver pack that will perfectly work with your POS, therefore our common recommendation is to ensure that the latest drivers version is being used)

Internet Bandwidth*

  1. 10 Mbps or greater for download
  2. 10 Mbps or greater for upload
  3. Latency 100 ms or lower
  4. .NET Framework system requirements

*The specified Internet Bandwidth requirements are recommended for the normal operation of POS.

To check the current Internet speed on your PC, we recommend using the Internet speed test service Please note that internet speed should be measured on servers located in New York.

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