How to Install Pole Display (Bixolon, Partner)

How to Install Pole Display (Bixolon, Partner)

Bixolon BCD-1000/1100 (COM)

1. Connect the device to your PC via COM (PC should be equipped with COM Port)

2. Download drivers:

3. Start an installation process.
4. Make sure to select the correct version of Bixilon device.

5. Select physical COM Port (default COM1)

6. The system will prompt you to Restart your PC, please click on 'YES'
7. In Control Panel open 'Devices & Printers';
8. Make a right mouse click on your Bixolon device and make a right mouse click, go to the Property window and rename it to BIXOLON SAMSUNG BCD-1000

Setup Pole Display in POS  

1. Make a right mouse click on your POS icon and select an option “Run as Administrator”;

2. Please click on 'Configure' button  in the lower right corner of the login screen;
3. Switch to the second tab 'POS equipment' and in the Pole display field select BIXOLON SAMSUNG BCD-1000.

Partner cd7220

1. Connect Partner cd7220 to your PC
2. Download drivers from official site
3. Install the driver and restart your PC
4. Open POS Configuration screen and select the correct COM port

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